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What I provide

One to one, in person sessions in the Carson City office.  Phone and email support and guidance.  Solution based coaching.  For those who cannot travel to Carson, I am available to come to you.

Assessments:  Clinician administered PTSD scale (CAPS-5);  PCL-5;  ACE assessment

MBSR:  (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)  Support for the reduction and alleviation of stress, anxiety, and depression, with a highly personalized plan tailored to each individual.  

Narrative exposure:  A three phase, evidenced based practice to alleviate traumatic stress.  Clients learn how to differentiate between actual and perceived threats and de-sensitize and integrate painful past learning in order to remain calm in the face of life's challenges. 

EMDR:  (Eye Movement De-sensitization and Re-processing)  Controlled research studies consistently demonstrate its efficacy and effectiveness at alleviating trauma.

Cognitive Restructuring:  Cognitive restructuring involves changing or re-framing old beliefs that no longer serve us, or that may be distorted.

Somatic Experiencing :   Somatic experiencing is used to relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other emotional and physical trauma-related health problems.  It focuses on the client's physiology and physical sensations.  

Voice Dialogue:  Voice dialogue is a process that explores the different parts, or personality traits we all have within us.  As we mature, some of these traits become more dominant, excluding or diminishing less dominant, but equally important "parts" of who we are.  Voice Dialogue helps to reclaim all of who we are. 

Self-regulation and self-management:  Self-regulation is a vital skill that enables us to navigate safely through the world, reacting consciously and intentionally to stimuli around us. 

Anger management:  Anger management is a skill that is mastered by embracing "emotional literacy", and understanding all of our emotions, especially fear.

Communication Skills:  How we communicate to each other can be of far more importance than if we communicate at all.  Effective communication skills start within, when we own our feelings, judgments and subtle projections.

Extended behavioral and wellness coaching  An integrative approach to self-awareness and well-being, including guidance and direction in establishing a healthy lifestyle that includes body image work, healthy eating and exercise. 

To schedule a free consultation or appointment, click the button below.  I guarantee that I will attempt to contact you within 24 hours and will start your appointment on time, or there is no charge.

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